Design @ Rhodes Group

The philosophy of the Rhodes Group ensures that a high level of engineering is applied to every contract.

We can provide a range of services as follows:

  • Rhodes assume full design and drawing office responsibility.
  • Client produces process design, Rhodes are then responsible for the design of all items for manufacture.
  • Client provides design, Rhodes provide detail drawing office.
  • All design/drawing office provided by client.

We can produce and accept drawings in AutoCAD or DXF formats.

Designs can be produced by finite element systems for standard type structures, but we also offer the technical ability to manually design equipment that does not lend itself to computer design and produce fully detailed calculations for this equipment.

We have designed equipment to the following standards 
European: Euronorm : BSS : Swedish BSV 97 : CICIND : German American: ASME STS1 : UBC :

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